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Residential Window Film
Block the blinding sun glare and damaging UV rays that makes it difficult to watch your LCD or plasma TV or read your computer screen.

Reduce your air conditioning costs by blocking the suns heat from ever entering your home with window film.

Protect your floorings and furnishings from damaging UV light that will fade and damage your expensive property with UV protection window film.

Improve the aesthetics of your property. Our massive variety of films offer a affordable renovation solution and are a perfect compliment to any building regardless of size or architectural design. Creating extra privacy while blocking unwanted excessive light and heat is our aim

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Residential Window Film Gallery
Majestic Apartments, Onchan
Here we installed a Blue50 film to the front of the apartment.

The main criteria here was to reduce the build up of heat and glare while also creating a 99% UV protection to furnishings inside the property.
Conservatory roof
Here we installed a Silver 20 film to the conservatory roof.

The aim here was to reduce the heat build up dramatically and also cut down the sun glare.
Ground floor windows
Here we installed a Silver 20 film to a the ground floor windows of a private property.

The aim was to create extra privacy for the owners, preventing passers by looking directly into the property.