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Algebra applied mathematics calculus and analysis discrete mathematics foundations of mathematics geometry history and terminology number theory probability and statistics recreational mathematics topology alphabetical index interactive entries random entry new in mathworld mathworld classroom about mathworld contribute to mathworld send a message to the team mathworld book wolfram web resources » 13,129 entries last updated: thu sep 6 2012 created, developed, and nurtured by eric weisstein at wolfram research geometry > plane geometry > triangles > special triangles > other triangles > interactive entries > interactive demonstrations > acute triangle a triangle in which all three angles are acute angles. A triangle which is neither acute nor a right triangle (i. E. , it has an obtuse angle) is called an obtuse triangle. From the law of cosines, for a triangle with side lengths , , and , with the angle opposite side. For an angle to be acute,. generic viagra without prescription Therefore, an acute triangle satisfies , , and. The smallest number of acute triangles into which an arbitrary obtuse triangle can be dissected is seven if , , and otherwise eight (manheimer 1960, gardner 1981, wells 1991). A square can be dissected into as few as 9 acute triangles (gardner 1981, wells 1991). See also: obtuse triangle, ono inequality, right triangle references: gardner, m. "mathematical games: a fifth collection of 'brain-teasers. ' " sci. Amer. generic viagra canada 202, 150-154, feb. 1960. Gardner, m. "mathematical games: the games and puzzles of lewis carroll and the answers to february's problems. " sci. Amer. 202, 172-182, mar. 1960. viagra generic Gardner, m. "mathematical games: the inspired geometrical symmetries of scott kim. viagra purchase online " sci. Amer. 244, 22-31, jun. 1981. Goldberg, g. "problem e1406. effects of viagra super active " amer. Math. Monthly 67, 923, 1960. Hoggatt, v.  e. Jr. "acute isosceles dissection of an obtuse triangle. " amer. effects of viagra super active Math. Monthly 68, 912-913, 1961. Johnson, r.  s. "problem 256 [1977: 155]. " crux math. 4, 53-54, 1978. Manheimer, w. generic viagra "dissecting an obtuse triangle into acute triangles. cheap viagra " solution to problem e1406. Amer. Math. viagra users comments Monthly 67, 923, 1960. Nelson, h.  l. "solution to problem 256. " crux math. 4, 102-104, 1978. Wells, d. The penguin dictionary of curious and interesting geometry. London: penguin, pp.  1-2, 1991. Referenced on wolfram|alpha: acute triangle cite this as: weisstein, eric w. "acute triangle. " from mathworld --a wolfram web resource. Wolfram web resources mathematica » the #1 tool for creating demonstrations and anything technical. Wolfram|alpha » explore anything with the first computational knowledge engine. Wolfram demonstrations project » explore thousands of fr. buy cheap viagra sydney Welcome to JP Window Films, the Island's best and most experienced window film specialists.

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