This job was undertaken with our partner, Fusion design to create window film that promotes sports personalities sponsored by RBSI.
At the Isle of Man airport we were challenged with turning a round piece of glass into a a privacy screen for the office behind the main desk, while also promoting the new Rendezvous executive lounge.

What we decided to do was install a silver 20 film internally and then on the exterior of the glass we applied a range of detailed vinyl decals that would stand out against the silver background.

A very time consuming job, but well worth it, for our very satisfied customer.
Here we installed a Silver 20 film again with the main aim of reducing sun heat and glare from the massive sun exposure the building gets.

Conister Trust also wanted to increase the privacy of the building from onlookers, which our silver reflective film does with great success, while improving the exterior appearance of the building at the same time.
The Factory - Union Mills Trading Estate - Union Mills  - Isle of Man - IM4 4AE
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National Sports Centre - Douglas
We installed an external window film to all the front facing windows overlooking the swimming pool at the NSC.

The aim of this project was to reduce the sun glare that was causing problems for the life guards in the pool section of the building.

We used for our access to this job